I was married for more than a decade, but things began going sour in the first few years. I could never understand why our problems became so overwhelming, and I was truly sad when we failed to work out our differences. Most of the time, our problems were small ones that blew into major disagreements. My husband would always accuse me of cheating on him whenever this occurred, and it wasn’t until after our divorce that I found out why.

When we received our divorce papers, he asked to meet with me one final time. I agreed because I was curious, but I knew reconciliation was impossible. I had found out he cheated on me with a woman I thought we both detested, but it turned out he only said that to cover up their affair. He found her particularly attractive because she was married to one of his friends, and she had cheated on him many times.

Our meeting was in a public place because I no longer trusted him, so he knew causing a scene was out of the question. He admitted he had often had affairs during our marriage, and he wanted me to admit I had done the same. I immediately realized he had justified his behavior by blaming me for doing it, and I laughed at him.

He insisted men had always found me attractive, and he said nothing would change as long as I admitted the truth. I told him that I never cheated because I always thought we could work out our differences, but he had chosen to destroy our marriage. I also let him know that other men still found me attractive, and I was looking forward to finding someone worthy of me while he remained with a woman he knew would cheat on him.